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Role 4 Initiative at Gary Con X

Looking forward to our first time exhibiting at Gary Con in Lake Geneva, WI — home to Gary Gygax and Dungeons & Dragons. Many RPG industry pioneers and legends will be in attendance. Can’t wait for March! Hope to see you there.

SPIEL ’17 Preview Update — 500 Listings and Counting

BoardGameGeek’s SPIEL ’17 Preview now contains more than five hundred listings, and I’m almost caught up on all the SPIEL ’17-related email in my inbox. Only a few dozen more messages to go! (Sorry!) That said, many more messages are likely to arrive during the upcoming week, and the messages will undoubtedly continue to pour in for the next seven weeks until I head to Germany to see what this “SPIEL” nonsense is all about. Invitations to schedule demo time in the BGG booth during SPIEL ’17 will go out in mid-September, and I’m sending them only to publishers that have games listed in the preview. After all, if I don’t know that a game is coming out at SPIEL ’17, then why would I schedule time with that game’s publisher? Thus, if you plan to demo or sell games at SPIEL ’17, please send me info about the games, the prices, and your booth location to the email address in the BGG News header. I’ll get to that message as quickly as I can. One note about the new convention preview format: In years past, I typically listed promo items that were being released at the same show as the base game in the “Other Information” box on a game listing; I didn’t want to add more listings because users couldn’t hide them easily. Now since users can more easily hide listings than in the previous GeekList-related format (thanks to the new prioritization options) and since it’s more difficult to include images in the current listings (due to our desire for speedy downloads), I’m listing all of the promo items individually. Mark what you don’t want as “Not Interested” and they’ll disappear from your search results along with the base game. As for other requests related to the new convention format, I have nothing else to report at this time. I’m focusing on what I can do and will coordinate with Scott and others when possible on any potential changes. In other news, I’m quietly pushing out the game overview videos that we recorded at Gen Con 50. In previous years, I’d tweet video links at all of the publishers and post all or some of the videos in BGG News to draw attention to our coverage of the most anticipated games, but this year I’m mostly publishing on YouTube and moving on so that I can make sure we’re all prepared for SPIEL ’17. Should you care to check out overviews of Fallout, Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition, Photosynthesis, and other new and upcoming games, head to our Gen Con 50 playlist on YouTube, which currently contains 98 videos. I’m not even through day two of the convention, mind you, so we’ll